Do Shell Gas Stations Sell Pregnancy Tests (2024)

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2. Do gas stations sell pregnancy tests? - Community | BabyCenter

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  • I wanted to run out and get a pregnancy test tonight. The pharmacy and groccery store are way out of the way. Do gas stations sell them?? Also, please no…

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4. Urgent advice needed for preg test - Mumsnet

  • 13 jun 2003 · No idea doormat - I'd do as Scummymummy suggests and buy another test! ... Don't they sell pregnancy tests at 24 hour petrol stations?

  • Hi, I have searched the board and cant find this one. A friend of mine bought a UNICHEM pregnancy test kit tonight. She has had problems with her peri...

5. İm not sure if im pregnant - Netmums

  • 28 dec 2013 · I have bought a pregnancy test at a petrol station before but if not do you not have a 24 hour supermarket near you? 0. Reply.

  • Hello ladies i have a 7month old dd.after  my dd was about 2months i started getting normale periods but before i

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  • Stop by Johnny's 60+ Michigan & Indiana convenience stores for fuel, coffee, ice-cold drinks, snacks, friendly service & sparkling clean interiors.

7. Do they sell pregnancy tests at gas stations? -

  • 4 dec 2022 · Q: Do they sell pregnancy tests at gas stations? Write your answer... Submit. Still have questions?

  • Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want

8. Women Are Starting to Urinate on Toothpaste as a Pregnancy Test

  • 14 jul 2017 · Pregnancy tests are available for purchase in corner stores, gas stations ... Newsletter. Cookie Preferences Do Not Sell. a360media. Privacy ...

  • Pregnancy tests are available for purchase in corner stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and supermarkets, but it would seem women are looking elsewhere to find out if they’re expecting a child — about three paces...

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  • Find out about the incredible products and services you can find at your local Z station. Whatever you're looking for, we've got it covered.

Do Shell Gas Stations Sell Pregnancy Tests (2024)
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