Dfmu Meaning Urban Dictionary (2024)

1. dfmu - Urban Dictionary

  • "dfmu" is an abbreviation for the caribbean phrase "don't f*ck me up" originated from the island Trinidad and Tobago. "girl dfmu nahhh " meaning the joke is ...

  • "dfmu" is an abbreviation for the caribbean phrase "don't f*ck me up" originated from the island Trinidad and Tobago.

2. DFM - Urban Dictionary

  • Disease f*cking modifying.

  • Disease f*cking modifying

3. Ella Mai's 'DFMU' Lyrics - Billboard

4. Ella Mai Delivers Video for New Single "DFMU" - Complex

  • 28 jan 2022 · Accompanied by a slick, minimally lit music video telling the story of a romance at risk of turning toxic, “DFMU” stands for “Don't f*ck Me Up.” ...

  • Ella Mai has returned with a video for her new single “DFMU,” which happens to be her first single since she dropped “Not Another Love Song” in 2020.

5. DFMO - Urban Dictionary

  • Acronym for Dance Floor Make Out. Resulting from accidental close contact and banging beats; alternatively, strategically planned as a gateway for 'bigger and ...

  • "Dance floor make-out". Usually occurs under the influence of alcohol. Most of the time a DFMO is voluntary, but they can also occur when a drunkard grabs your face and starts making sweet sweet love to it.

6. DFU - Urban Dictionary

  • DFU, in the film industry, is known as 'Digital f*ck Up'. This occurs mostly in digital tapes, like MiniDV or DVCam tapes, when it begins to wear out or has ...

  • DFU— Don’t f*ck Up

7. Donor Funds Definition | Law Insider

  • ... meaning of the Public Finance (Management) Act 1995, to be named or ... A special Donor Funds Management Unit (DFMU) within the CAD of the Treasury ...

  • Sample Contracts and Business Agreements

8. jfmu - Urban Dictionary

  • by @tomhardy October 1, 2015. Flag · Get the jfmu mug. More random definitions. UrbanDictionaryis writtenby you. Define a Word · Twitter · Facebook · Help ...

  • just f*ck me up, jfmu is often used to tag the phrase

Dfmu Meaning Urban Dictionary (2024)
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