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Asher HaVon Biography – Asher HaVon Wiki

Asher HaVon is a singer from Selma, Alabama who appears as a contestant on The Voice season 25 airing on NBC.

Born and raised in Selma, Alabama, Asher discovered his passion for music at a young age. In a 2021 interview with Voyage Atlanta, Asher said he grew up around music and performed at his first talent show, in front of a crowd of about 300, when he was just 5 years old.

With a unique blend of R&B, pop, and soul influences, Asher’s music resonates with listeners on a deep level, touching their hearts and inspiring them to embrace their emotions.

According to his Voice bio, he auditioned for a spot in the choir that was to perform John Legend’s song “Glory.” The choir director was so impressed with Asher that he had him lead the choir, which performed in front of an audience of about 200,000.

Asher said that marked a turning point for him musically. Until that point, he told The Voice he performed mostly in church and at talent shows. The same year, he also got the opportunity to perform for King Obi of Nigeria.

Asher is now a recording artist, having released his debut single, a gospel song called “Free,” in 2018. He also has a secular EP called “1991” in 2022 and a seven-song gospel collection called “TikTok Church Live” later in 2022.

His most recent release was the wedding song “Solemn Swear,” which came out in 2023. He said his influences include the late Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, and Celine Dion, all of whom have different styles but the ability to captivate any audience, he says.

As his blind audition approached, Asher posted this message to his younger self: “We’ve been through a lot. There were moments of heartbreak, sadness, and uncertainty. But here we are, in this time and era, where our passion for music has been reignited. The trials and tribulations have shaped us into who we are today – resilient, determined, and ready to embrace our true calling.”

Asher HaVon The Voice

Asher HaVon is one of the contestants who appear on the 25th season of The Voice. He took part in the auditions and performed “Set Fire To the Rain” by Adele.

Chance the Rapper turned his chair in seconds, followed closely by Dan + Shay, and then Reba McEntire, who was first to respond when the audition was over.

“Asher, what an incredible voice you have,” she said. “Your range, your power, I couldn’t wait to turn around and see what you look like.”

Though Coach John Legend didn’t turn his chair for HaVon, he said, “What a powerful voice, what a powerful range you have. I was so intrigued. It went in so many different places and your voice has so many different pockets that are very cool. I’m excited to see your journey on the show.”

After Dan + Shay offered equally effusive praise for HaVon, it was Chance’s turn; it was clear immediately that the rapper was lobbying hard to get HaVon on his team.

“I instantly turned around because I can tell you’re trying to win this competition, and you should,” he said. “Everything that you did was phenomenal like it was next level. I was blown away by it, that’s why I immediately turned around.”

When it was time for HaVon to finally pick his Coach, it was clear that his family had already attempted to choose for him, repeatedly chanting Chance the Rapper’s name as he pondered his options. But for HaVon, the choice was already clear… and it wasn’t Chance.

“Chance, I really love you…but I gotta choose Reba,” he said.

The other contestants on the show include Ashley Bryant, Kamalei Kawa’a, Jackie Romeo, Madison Curbelo, Tae Lewis, Corey Curtis, Josh Sanders, Mafe, Karen Waldrup, and Serenity Arce.

Asher HaVon Age

As of 2024, he is 31 years old. His hometown and place of residence is Selma, Alabama.

Asher HaVon Parents

31-year-old singer Asher was accompanied to his The Voice blind auditions by his stepmother.

Asher HaVon Gay

The singer is gay. He has publicly spoken about it and has expressed that he is proud to be a member of the larger community.


His Instagram handle is @asherohavon.

Asher HaVon The Voice, Wiki, Age, Gay, Parents | (2024)
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