50+ Baby Shower Themes for Girls (adorable & unique ideas!) (2024)


Planning a baby shower for mom who is having a little girl? Then you need this list of 50+ baby shower themes for girls!

Have you been stuck pondering, “what is a good theme?” There are so many themes to choose from, it can be hard to decide!

Are you looking for something adorable and girly? Or maybe something a little more unique?

50+ Baby Shower Themes for Girls (adorable & unique ideas!) (1)

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, I will share 50 different baby shower themes for baby girls.

This list includes everything from classic themes to more unique trendy options.

50+ Baby Shower Themes for Girls (adorable & unique ideas!) (2)

50+ Baby Shower Themes for Baby Girls

Whether you’re just starting to plan your shower or you’re already well into the process, use this post to help you find the perfect theme!

The theme is crucial to the shower’s success as it will be the backbone that ties the baby shower food, decor, prizes, invitations, and general party together.

1) Mermaid

This pretty theme can be made classic or trendy, depending on your vibe.

You can decorate with mermaids, seashells, and coral. Mom-to-be will love a Mermaid-themed shower, especially in the summer.

A great baby shower starts with a beautiful invitation, so let’s start there. Here is a beautiful bundle set of mermaid baby shower invites and other printables >>

50+ Baby Shower Themes for Girls (adorable & unique ideas!) (3)

I think the invitations printables set would pair beautifully with this pretty mermaid banner and this set of clam shell plates + mermaid scales napkins. Too cute!

50+ Baby Shower Themes for Girls (adorable & unique ideas!) (4)50+ Baby Shower Themes for Girls (adorable & unique ideas!) (5)

Shop even more mermaid baby shower items here >>

2) Minnie Mouse

For the Disney-loving mom, a Minnie Mouse shower is perfect.

You can easily find decorations and tableware with everyone’s favorite mouse. Don’t forget the polka dots and bows!

Buy Minnie Mouse baby shower decor here >>

3) Color-Based Themes

If you are wondering how to pick a theme, why not try just sticking one a few of mom’s favorite colors?

Pink and gold is a pretty, feminine combination, or you could opt to celebrate baby with a cheery yellow-themed shower.

This budget-friendly idea is perfect for a first baby shower or even a baby sprinkle – just pick mom’s favorite color and enjoy!

4) Unicorn

Unicorns are all the rage these days, so why not make them the star of baby girl’s shower?

You can find unicorn decorations and tableware easily online. Just add some sparkle and you’re all set!

Purchase unicorn baby shower decor and invites here >>

5) Owl

Owls are a classic baby shower theme and you’d be surprised just how many colors and styles owl decorations comes in.

From sweet pink to an elegant woodland style, this is a great way to celebrate a woman “whoooo” is having a baby.

Buy baby girl owl shower items here >>

6) Angel

An angel-themed baby shower is perfect for a religious or spiritual mom who is looking forward to meeting her little angel.

You can find angel decorations at most party stores or online. Or, you could even make your own with some simple craft supplies!

Imagine clouds made with cotton balls or pretty white bows tied over each seat.

Purchase angel baby shower items here >>

7) Safari

This is a perfect baby shower theme for the mom who loves animals or wants to raise her little one with a love of nature.

As a bonus, much of the decor, like stuffed animals can be reused for the nursery, should the parents wish.

There’s a reason this is such a popular concept!

Purchase safari baby shower items for a little girl here >>

8) Pumpkin

Celebrating a mama who is between 5-7 months pregnant in the fall? Why not go with a pumpkin theme?

From serving pumpkin-themed food (lattes, cakes, etc) to setting up a pumpkin painting station for the kids, there are a lot of directions you can take this idea.

This is an affordable option as fall decor is plentiful around that time of year, but it can also be a surprisingly classy way to celebrate a first child or second baby too!

Buy pumpkin baby shower decor and invitations here >>

9) Ladybug

Here’s a cute way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of a little lady…ladybugs!

Making decor for a ladybug baby shower can be as simple as purchasing red items and adding your own black polka dots. This theme is perfect for a summer baby shower.

Click here to buy ladybug-themed baby shower items >>

10) Turtle

Turtles are a unique baby shower theme that can be used for either a boy or a girl.

There are so many ways to decorate with this theme – from using stuffed turtles to hanging green and blue streamers and balloons on the wall.

This is a great choice for an eco-conscious mom or an ocean lover!

Shop for turtle baby shower supplies here >>

11) Princess

Does mom-to-be have a little princess on the way? A princess baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate and truly embrace all the girliness.

You can find all sorts of decorations, from crowns and wands to dresses and shoes, which can be then saved for the baby as she grows up.

You can even set up a “throne” for the guest of honor to sit in during the festivities! Don’t forget the crown too!

Shop princess baby shower items here >>

12) Floral

Is mom-to-be a lover of all things floral? Why not celebrate her new arrival with a shower that is just as lovely!

There are so many ways to incorporate flowers into this theme – from the invitations and decor to the food and drinks. You can even give out little bouquets of flowers or packets of wildflower seeds as party favors.

Buy floral baby shower decor and invitations here >>

13) Daisy

This is a great choice for a spring baby shower, as daisies are such cheerful flowers that are plentiful in the spring months.

You can find all sorts of Daisy-themed decor, from plates and cups to banners and balloons. You could even have a little “flower picking” station set up for guests!

Shop for daisy baby shower supplies here >>

14) Roses

Roses are such a classic and elegant flower, making them the perfect choice for a baby shower theme.

Bonus points if this happens to be the little girl’s name! This is a great way to celebrate a baby girl who is sure to be as lovely as her name is.

Craft large crepe paper roses for the wall, hand out pale pink cupcakes, and even pour some rosé for guests to cheer on mama-to-be (just make sure to have a fun non-alcoholic drink on hand for her too).

Click here to buy rose-themed baby shower items >>

15) Hawaiian

Is mom-to-be a beach lover? Or maybe she’s just having a summer baby?

Either way, a Hawaiian-themed baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate her new arrival!

You can find all sorts of tiki decorations at your local party store, or get creative and make your own.

Hand out leis to your guests and greet them with a friendly aloha as they gather to celebrate baby!

Shop Hawaiian baby shower items here >>

16) Sunshine

What better way to celebrate the arrival of a new ray of sunshine than with a sunshine-themed baby shower?

This is such a cheerful and optimistic theme, perfect for welcoming a new little one into the world. Decoration ideas are plentiful from plates and cups to banners and balloons in cheery yellow shades.

Buy sunshine baby shower decor and invitations here >>

17) Popsicle

Is mom-to-be feeling ready to pop? A popsicle-themed baby shower may be just the thing she needs.

This can be a really fun and creative theme with all sorts of decoration possibilities. From colorful banners and balloons to hanging paper popsicles from the ceiling, there are so many ways to make this theme your own.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a popsicle party without serving actual popsicles too!

Shop popsicle baby shower items here >>


Strawberries are such a delicious and pretty fruit, making them the perfect choice for a baby shower theme.

This is the prefect way to celebrate the arrival of a summer baby. You can find all sorts of strawberry-themed decor, from plates and cups to banners and balloons.

Of course, in those warm months when these berries are at their best, it’ll be easy to come up with plenty of recipes using them too!

Click here to buy strawberry-themed baby shower items >>

This is my personal favorite invite + welcome sign + thank you note printable set. It’s a collection from BOHOInvites.

50+ Baby Shower Themes for Girls (adorable & unique ideas!) (6)

19) Watermelon

Another great fruit-themed baby shower idea is watermelon! This is such a refreshing and fun theme, that is also ideal for a summertime baby shower.

There are all sorts of ways to incorporate watermelon into your motif, from plates and cups to banners and balloons.

You can even get creative with the food and drinks, serving up watermelon-inspired dishes.

Plus, you can even make a cute “watermelon baby carriage” to house other fruit. It’s sure to be the hit of the snack table!

Shop for watermelon baby shower supplies here >>


Is mom-to-be a beach lover? Or maybe she’s due to hit nine months in the summertime?

Either way, a beach-themed baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate her new arrival!

From surfboards to seashells, ocean and beach-themed items are plentiful!

This is a theme that you could keep really simple for a baby sprinkle (for a second or third baby) or dress up for a full-on baby shower.

Shop beach baby shower items here >>

21) Butterfly

For many people, butterflies hold a special spiritual or personal significance. If this is the case for the mom-to-be, a butterfly shower will be extra special!

You don’t have to stick to the standard orange and black monarch theme either (unless you want to). Butterfly baby showers can be done in beautiful feminine hues like lilac, gold, pink, and cream.

Click here to buy butterfly-themed baby shower items >>

22) Winnie the Pooh

Does mom prefer a more classic shower theme?

Winnie the Pooh is a character that has been loved by children (and adults!) for generations. If mom-to-be grew up loving Pooh Bear, this would be a really special way to honor her and her new arrival.

There are many ways to incorporate Winnie the Pooh into your baby shower. Just make sure to serve fresh honey in honor of her favorite bear!

Buy Winnie the Pooh baby shower decor and invitations here >>

23) Woodland Animals

This is a really cute and unique baby shower theme that is an adorable way to welcome a new little one into the world.

While you often see this theme for baby boys, I think it works perfectly for baby girls too!

There are all sorts of woodland animals to choose from when it comes to decorating, from bunnies and deer to foxes and bears.

You can even get creative with the food, serving up “forest fruit” or “acorn” cookies. So cute!

Shop woodland animal baby shower items here >>

24) Disney Princesses

Is mom-to-be a big fan of Disney? Is she hoping to raise her little girl to be a strong and independent woman? A Disney princess baby shower theme is the perfect way to celebrate her new arrival!

There are so many ways to incorporate this theme into your decor and menu. You can even create a special “princess” co*cktail for the (non-pregnant) adults to enjoy.

I like this theme because so many pieces of decor (like dresses or tiny tiaras) can also be passed on to the little girl as she grows.

Shop for Disney princess baby shower supplies here >>

25) Fairy

For a really magical baby shower, why not go with a fairy theme? This is such a fun and unique way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl.

I can imagine a shower like this to have a boho feel with plenty of dusty rose and gold accents.

Click here to buy fairy-themed baby shower items >>

26) Luau

If you’re looking for baby shower themes for girls that are sure to be a lot of fun, consider a luau! This is perfect for a summertime baby shower, or even works if mom-to-be is due in the warmer months.

There are all sorts of ways to build this theme into your party planning, from hung palm leaves to tiki torches. You can even get creative with the food and drinks, serving up tropical-inspired dishes.

Shop luau baby shower items here >>

27) Rustic

Are you going for a more rustic feel for your baby shower? This is such a popular theme right now and there are so many ways to incorporate it into your party decor.

For example, you could use mason jars to hold utensils or even for serving drinks. You could even fill them with fresh flowers for a pop of color.

This is a baby shower theme you could dress up or make more casual depending on mom’s wishes.

Buy rustic baby shower decor and invitations here >>

28) Paris

Ooh la la! A Paris-themed baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate a new little mademoiselle. This would be such a fun and elegant way to celebrate a new baby.

Use tiny Eiffel towers as part of your centerpieces and munch on macarons for dessert.

Plus, make sure to have some sort of bubbly on hand to pop whether it’s champagne or sparkling lemonade.

Shop for Paris baby shower supplies here >>

29) Sunflower

Is mom-to-be a fan of sunflowers? This is such a cheerful and pretty baby shower theme.

You could even use fresh sunflowers as centerpieces.

For a summertime baby shower, this would be such a fun and festive theme. Think yellow, white, and green when it comes to the color scheme.

Click here to buy sunflower-themed baby shower items >>

30) Teddy Bear

Is mom-to-be hoping for a baby girl who loves snuggles? A teddy bear-themed baby shower would be so sweet and perfect for a winter arrival.

This is such a classic theme that can be really easy to pull off.

You could even use teddy bears as part of the decorations and then pass one on to the baby herself.

Shop teddy bear baby shower items here >>

31) Ballerina

If baby is already doing leaps and pirouettes in mom’s tummy, throw her a ballet baby shower! This is such a precious baby shower theme that is incredibly feminine and allows for plenty of pink.

This would be a really elegant and graceful baby shower idea for a baby girl that’s “tutu cute”.

Check out ballerina baby shower items here >>

32)Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This is such a sweet and simple baby shower theme that would be perfect for mommies who want something more low-key.

This can be done easily on a budget too! You can simply hang up twinkle lights or using star confetti on your food table.

Shop baby shower items perfect for a twinkle twinkle little star theme here >>

33) Ice Cream

Share the scoop about the impending arrival of baby girl with a fun ice cream shower!

While this idea probably works best in the warm summer months, is such a fun baby shower theme that can easily be tailored to any season.

Of course, having an ice cream sundae bar is practically a must at this party.

After all, who doesn’t love ice cream?

Buy ice cream baby shower supplies here >>

34) Bumble Bee

Bees are all the rage right now and what better way to celebrate a new baby girl than with a bumble bee shower?

This is such a fun and unique theme that can easily be given a vintage feel as you celebrate the mama-to-bee (pun intended!).

A yellow and black color scheme will really drive home the theme, as will plenty of honey-flavored foods.

Click here to buy bumble bee-themed baby shower items >>

35) Rainbow

Have you heard the term “rainbow baby”? A rainbow baby is a child who is born after the loss of another child (including a miscarriage).

If mama is pregnant with her rainbow, she may love this idea. But, this is one of the baby shower ideas for girls that you may want to run by mom first and make sure she is comfortable with it!

Otherwise, what could be more perfect for a baby girl than a rainbow-themed shower? This is such a cheerful and festive theme that is perfect for celebrating the arrival of a little one.

There are so many ways to decorate for this using colorful paper lanterns or you can even fill mason jars with candies in every shade of the rainbow.

No matter how you choose to do it, this is sure to be a shower that everyone will remember.

Shop for rainbow baby shower supplies here >>

36) Little Cutie

This is such an adorable and sweet baby shower theme for a little baby girl.

This type of shower is usually done as a play off of the cutie fruits (you know, those tiny oranges kids love?).

You can really let your creativity shine with this one when it comes to planning with this theme!

Shop little cutie baby shower items here >>

37) Elephant

An elephant-themed baby shower is perfect for a mom-to-be who loves these majestic animals.

This theme can easily be tailored to fit any season and can be as simple or as over-the-top as you want.

To really drive home the theme, use plenty of grey and white in your decor with some pops of pink.

Click here to buy elephant-themed baby shower items >>

38) Moon

Over the moon for baby?What a serene and beautiful baby shower theme!

Decorate with lots of stars and moons in different colors and sizes.

You could even use glow in the dark paint to add an extra element of fun, especially if you opt for a nighttime shower.

Buy moon baby shower decor and invitations here >>

39) Lemon

Is there anything more refreshing than a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day?

This is such a fun and unique baby shower theme that is perfect for celebrating the arrival of a little one.

To really drive home the theme, set up a lemonade stand complete with all the fixings.

Don’t forget to be generous with the color yellow too!

Shop for lemon baby shower supplies here >>

40) Cherry Blossom

This is one of the most beautiful and elegant baby shower themes for girls I’ve come across.

The cherry blossom is a symbol of new life. What could be more perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new baby girl?

There are so many ways decorate for a cherry blossom themed baby shower.

You can use pink and white paper lanterns. Hanging cherry blossom branches from the ceiling would be amazing as well.

Click here to buy cherry blossom-themed baby shower items >>

41) Flamingo

A bird concept is a fun and festive baby shower theme for a shower. And flamingo babies are one of the most adorable birds there out there.

Flamingos are all the rage right now, so why not use them to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl?

Yard flamingos to flag guests they are at the right location would b a super cute idea.

Shop flamingo baby shower items here >>

42) Peach

Is a baby as sweet as a peach?

If you are throwing a summer shower, take advantage of the abundance of this juicy fruit by hosting a peach-themed shower!

This is such a fun and unique theme that is perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new baby girl.

The pink and peach color scheme feels very feminine and slightly vintage, which I love!

Buy peach-themed baby shower decor and invitations here >>

43) Garden

Is the mom-to-be an avid gardener?

Was she a plant mom first?

If so, she is sure to love a garden-themed baby shower! This is such a beautiful and serene theme that is perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new baby girl.

If you opt for this theme, it’s practically given that you’ll need plenty of flowers as centerpieces. But you can also find plates, cups, and napkins with pretty floral print too.

I think this would be a great spring theme, especially if you were able to hold it in a garden somewhere!

Shop garden baby shower items here >>

44) Books

This is a personal favorite of mine: a book baby shower!

Ask guests to bring their favorite children’s books with a sweet note inscribed instead of a card.

Vintage books can easily serve as functional decorations, and you can make dishes based on classic books too! Plum pudding and gingerbread men come to mind…

(This is a great excuse to go thrifting for used books!!!)

Click here to buy book-themed baby shower items >>

45) Enchanted Forest

This is such a beautiful and magical baby shower theme.

The Enchanted Forest is the perfect place to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl.

You can use a real tree that can later be gift in your decorations. Twinkle lights and branches to hang lanterns from would really step up the magical in this party.

You can even find Enchanted forest-themed plates, cups, and napkins to really drive home the theme.

Shop enchanted forest baby shower items here >>

46) Giraffe

Giraffes are one of my favorite animals, so I was thrilled when I found out that you can use them to celebrate the arrival of a new baby girl.

You can do anything from using giraffe print tablecloths to ordering a beautiful custom giraffe-themed print welcoming guests to the shower, and so much more!

Buy giraffe baby shower items here >>

47) Watch Me Grow

This is such a beautiful and sentimental baby shower theme!

The Watch Me Grow theme is typically done featuring plants, but there are so many different directions you can take it.

Guests will love bringing home a baby succulent to watch grow, and be reminded that the mom wants them to watch her little one grow too!

Shop for “watch me grow” baby shower supplies here >>

48) Baby, It’s Cold Outside

If you live in a cold climate (or just wish you did) this may be the perfect idea for a winter baby shower!

The Baby, It’s Cold Outside theme is perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new baby girl.

Make (or buy) white and silver paper snowflakes for decor and hang crepe paper in cool tones from the ceiling.

You can even find winter-themed plates, cups, and napkins to really round out the theme.

I’d also recommend having a hot chocolate station to help people warm up!

Shop baby shower items here >>

49) Boho Chic

The Boho Chic baby shower theme is perfect for the mom-to-be who wants something a little different.

This theme is all about being unique and celebrating the individual, so there are no set rules on how to decorate. Just have fun with it and let your creativity flow!

One idea I love is using colorful tapestries as tablecloths and hanging string lights from the ceiling.

You can even find Boho Chic-themed plates, cups, and napkins to really drive home the theme.

Buy boho chic baby shower decor and invitations here >>

50) All Things Pink

Looking for a theme you can get really creative with? Here’s one!

The all things pink baby shower theme is perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new baby girl.

This theme is all about, you guessed it, pink!

From pink foods (watermelon, iced cookies, etc) to pink drinks (strawberry lemonade anyone?), go big or go home with this theme!

Make sure to grab pink tablecloths, plates, cups, and napkins too!

Click here to buy pink baby shower items >>

51) Adventure

Is there any adventure grander than welcoming a little one into your home? The outdoorsy mom will love this baby shower theme filled with all things adventure!

You can set up a chic tent or teepee as a spot for guests to drop gifts, and decorate with maps and greenery.

Set out a fun build-your-own trail mix for guests to take home too!

Click here to buy adventure-themed baby shower items >>

How Do You Choose A Good Baby Shower Theme?

There are a few ways that you can get inspiration for a baby shower.

Time of year (baby shower):Choose a baby shower theme based on when you are holding the baby shower. For example, a “beach baby” theme in July or a “little deer” theme around the Holidays.

Time of year (baby’s birth): You can base the baby shower theme on the baby’s due date. If the due date is October, a “Lil’ Pumpkin” theme could be used (even if the shower is in July).

Favorite things of the Parents-to-be: You can choose a theme based on things that mom and/or dad love. Maybe a baseball theme, a boho rainbow theme or even a cowboy theme!

Things that are needed: If mom and dad-to-be already have lots of supplies, you can do a diaper party theme or a book party theme!

What Sorts of Baby Girl Showers Have You used?

Whenever you are deciding on one of these baby shower themes for girls, make sure it is something that mom-to-be will love. After all, this shower is all about her and the new arrival!

I hope you enjoyed this list of baby shower themes for girls. If you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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50+ Baby Shower Themes for Girls (adorable & unique ideas!) (7)

50+ Baby Shower Themes for Girls (adorable & unique ideas!) (2024)


How can I make my baby shower unique? ›

If you want to make your baby shower truly memorable, try incorporating one or more of these unique party ideas!
  1. Choose An Adorable Theme For The Shower. ...
  2. Ask Guests To Help Build Your Baby's Library. ...
  3. Play A Unique Party Game. ...
  4. Reveal Your Baby's Gender In A Special Way. ...
  5. Prepare Yourself For Motherhood By Collecting Advice.

How do I choose a baby shower theme? ›

Picking a baby shower theme can be tough — there are so many fun options! Think about what the parents-to-be are passionate about, and let that come through in the theme. For example, if they love to travel, their favorite locale could inspire the shower.

What makes a baby shower special? ›

A baby shower is a special occasion to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby and to shower the parents-to-be with love and support. Here are some ways to make a baby shower more meaningful: Personalize the event: Include personalized touches that reflect the interests and personalities of the parents-to-be.

Who pays for a baby shower? ›

Who pays for a baby shower? Most often, the host pays for the baby shower. This is not always one person.

What color should mom wear to baby shower? ›

Although there's no official dress code for a baby shower, celebrating such a happy occasion suggests wearing happy colors and prints; be mindful to steer clear of traditional blue and pink hues though especially for gender-neutral showers.

Which color is best for baby shower? ›

well traditionally, if the baby is a girl the color used will be shades of light pink. If the baby is a boy, the colors used will be light, sky, or powder blue. Nowadays, you can use light green, lemon yellow, or even peach. Pastel colors work best depending on your theme.

What is the best color for a baby shower? ›

A monochromatic baby shower is the definition of class. Decorate the space in various shades of white and cream for a dreamy day that makes Mama feel extra special. White wrapping paper will come in handy, and a sea of white balloons as far as the eye can see will make the space feel fun, even in the absence of color.

How many games should be played at a baby shower? ›

Baby Shower Overview

There are usually 3-5 different games lasting for another 30-45 minutes. After all of the games have been played and prizes awarded, the guest of honor opens her gifts. Then cake is served and the party ends. As a host, your day might start with preparing the food to be served at the shower.

How many people should you invite to a baby shower? ›

How Many People Should Attend a Baby Shower. Every baby shower is different, but most ladies agree that 15 to 30 is the perfect number of ladies at a typical baby shower or about 30-40 for a coed. These numbers change depending on the size of the family, number of friends, and even work colleagues involved.

How do you make a baby shower elegant? ›

Consider using luxury rental equipment to create an upscale buffet for a decadent and elegant brunch-style baby shower. Whether you choose elaborate displays of freshly baked pastries and confections or more traditional breakfast fare like waffles and omelets, your guests will feel pampered and spoiled.

How long should a baby shower last? ›

Every baby shower is a little different but as a general rule, a baby shower typically lasts roughly 2-3 hours. Most of that time is spent on the meal and opening gifts. That means the rest of the time is left for socializing, and a few games or activities.

Can a mom throw a baby shower for her daughter? ›

Formal etiquette says that a close family member of the parents-to-be should not host a baby shower. Instead, a close friend or more distant relative (such as a cousin or aunt) should throw the shower.

What do you give for baby shower prizes? ›

Unisex Baby Shower Prize Ideas
  • Coffee or tea sets - Everyone loves a warm beverage, and the sets could include a mug, specialty coffees or teas, or even a little spoon.
  • Desk accessories - Think fun notepads, pens, or paperweights.
  • Food gift sets - Themed sets, such as spicy snacks or gourmet popcorn, are always a hit.

How do you do a low key baby shower? ›

Baby Shower on a Budget – Tips and Hacks
  1. Pick a low-key location. You don't need to hire a restaurant or throw money at a spa to celebrate. ...
  2. No need to go overboard with decor. ...
  3. Get creative with games. ...
  4. Get sentimental. ...
  5. DIY the entertainment. ...
  6. Don't make it about social media. ...
  7. Club together for gifts.

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